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About Us


LuluMel believes in standing out without breaking the bank. We offer high quality, affordable and most importantly, long lasting jewelry pieces. We believe in the value of customer service and take pride in providing customers with the knowledge and professionalism expected with every purchase.

♥ This brand is for everybody ♥
Everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful. That’s why at LuluMel Jewelry, we’re committed to creating products that cater to everyone. 

♥ Chic, Classy, Affordable ♥
We aims to make customers feel fashionable and confident by providing them with high quality and trendy jewelry pieces at an affordable price.

♥ Custom Your Unique Piece ♥
All these stylish design and meticulously custom name necklace piece is made for you. We will work together with you to create the pieces that reflect your style and preferences.

♥ Inspire your day♥
Even when you are feeling down, we are here to shine a light upon you with our inspirational jewelry collection that will capture your heart and brighten your day with powerful messages.